Hosta Care Dealing with Slugs and Snails

Hosta are a lovely garden plant with rich green foliage in lots of tones of green from lime to blue. They are perfect for growing in shady areas, look extremely appealing set around a pond, and with ferns however they are slug and snail magnets.

Some gardens suffer more from slugs and snails than others, in which case choose the varieties of Hosta which is most resistant and not the centre one. The best resistant Hosta are those with difficult ribbed leaves, and these types stand finest. The Hosta which appear to suffer the most have the thinner leaves, frequently green and cream variations.

To try and keep Hostas looking great you do require to watch on them as not much can be provided for the one in the centre image, well past redemption. But if it is simply a case of a few chewed up leaves, cut them off.

Later in the growing season, the plant still looks good although about a lot leaves have actually been cut off and the new ones will come through. Hosta do form a great deal of leaves so by August it is safe to get rid of a couple of if they are terribly chewed.

By later on in the season the flowers on many Hostas look tatty and it is very tempting to cut them off, however inexplicably, the bees continue to like them and as I walk past the plants several bees are arriving on the sad looking flowers so best to leave them there.

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