Hedgehog Care

One of the reasons I am not a fan of too tidy borders is to include garden wildlife, and at this time of year for Hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs hibernate from November to March and requires somewhere safe and warm. Ideal spots are stacks which they can get into to hibernate such as logs, leaves or compost.

Hedgehogs are a gardeners good friend as their natural diet consists of slugs. With all the slugs in my garden I would have anticipated to be overrun with Hedgehogs, unfortunately not. More with Badgers, Foxes and Moles.

Because I want to motivate the Hedgehogs to make their hibernation nest in the garden, in the weedy, wilder littles the garden I have left stacks of leaves and compost. The Hedgehog is a forest animal, which adjusts well to our garden habitat particularly if it has trees and shrubs. There are specially made Hedgehog homes retailed now, however honestly the compost pile is better, and will also supply a source of food.

It is stated that an adult Hedgehog can consume 200gms of insects a night which ought to consist of some slugs; well worth attracting them into the garden.

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