Cleaning Guarantee

House Cleaning Service – Cleaning Guarantee

How Clean Is Your Cleaning Company?

When you hire a cleaning company, the last thing in the world you would expect to do is clean up after they’re gone. Yet all too often, that is exactly what ends up happening. They didn’t mop the kitchen floor. They didn’t vacuum the dog hair off the couch. They didn’t dust the computer screen or anything else on the desk for that matter. Whatever the oversight, the point is that your House Cleaning or Maid Service is not meeting your expectations, and yet you’re expected to pay for it.

Instead of cleaning it yourself, complaining to an unsympathetic cleaning company or switching services altogether, take some preventative measures by hiring Panther Enterprises house cleaning service that offers a 100 percent cleaning guarantee on their work. More importantly, Panther Enterprises housekeeping company welcomes the opportunity to send their cleaning crew back out to finish the job – be it house cleaning services, maid services or otherwise.

Panther Enterprises Cleaning Services has learned through the years, making good on their promise to get the job done right is of the utmost importance to its client base in the Tyler, East Texas area. As long as a customer calls within 24 hours of a cleaning job, Panther Enterprises will send its crew back out with detailed instructions for correcting whatever failed to meet your expectations.

Yet as open as they are to correcting cleaning oversights, the key to Panther Enterprises success stems from the obvious – getting it right the first time! And they have a number of policies and practices in place to help ensure just that.

The more they clean your home, the better a cleaning crew is going to get at understanding and meeting your expectations. That’s why Panther Enterprises only send the same crew out to your home every timea goal easily achievable because Panther Enterprises is a family owned operated company.

Of course, the most essential element of a cleaning job well done is the competency and skills of those tasked with the job. Every Panther Enterprises employee receives on-the-job training from a veteran member of the crew who closely oversees their work to ensure that it meets the highest of cleaning standards.

Our Customer Promises

No business can be successful without satisfied customers. That is why we make your satisfaction our top priority. These promises are all in our effort to achieve our number one goal: Your satisfaction! Have we mentioned that customer satisfaction is our top priority?

  • Do our very best work every time we clean your house.
  • Respect your home and possessions as if they were our own.
  • Be punctual in our appointments.
  • Be professional and courteous at all times.
  • Do our very best to accommodate any special requests.
  • We will always be pet friendly.
  • In the unlikely event that we damage something, we will have it replaced in a timely manner.
  • If you are ever unsatisfied with any part of our cleaning, we will promptly clean it again.
  • Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.