Frequency of Service

Once a homeowner decides they are ready to have their house cleaned by a professional cleaning company, they need to decide whether they want the cleaning crew to come out on a weekly, biweekly or monthly service call.

A weekly house cleaning visit from the housekeeper or maid service means that the maid or house cleaner comes to your home once a week and cleaned your entire home or just specified areas. A weekly house cleaning is a good idea for large families, families with children, couples with pets, or those people who tend to have a cluttered or messy house no matter how hard they try to organise themselves otherwise. Other people who enjoy a weekly house cleaning are people who suffer from allergies and need their carpet vacuumed in their floors mopped on a weekly basis to keep up with the ever-growing population of allergens, dust mites and bacteria in the air, on furniture and in the carpets.

Having a weekly cleaning crew come out to your house would also be a beneficial if you’re the type of person who collects or hoards items, in which the cleaning crew could help organise these items and perhaps help throwing some of them away.

A bi-weekly cleaning of a person’s home consists of the cleaning crew coming out every other week or sometimes twice a month to do a deeper type of cleaning than the weekly cleaning because houses tend to get dirtier if not cleaned every week.

A bi-weekly cleaning would be ideal for a young couple who do not really dirty their house that much and do not have children but may have a pet and just do not have the time to clean their house. Bi-weekly not only saves time but saves homeowners money by not having to pay the house cleaners every week. This is also a good program for those who like to lightly clean or pick up items but not clean their own homes or not do the heavy cleaning.

Monthly cleaning is when the cleaning crew comes out once a month and thoroughly cleans a home which may take a little bit longer then a twice a month cleaning because things like dirt have built up and extra time will be needed to make sure the houses extremely clean; enough to last until the next cleaning the following month. The once a month cleaning would be ideal for someone who is hardly home, perhaps someone who travels a lot, or someone who has to watch their budget but still needs their home cleaned and would rather have a professional cleaning crew do the work for them.

Sometimes a family may began with a monthly cleaning and find that they need to switch to a bi-weekly cleaning schedule because the house is not stay as clean as they would like it to between cleanings, and this can be arranged through the cleaning company.